Double Cheese burger // photo © by J. Lindschau, 2012

The Burger’s Priest

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quality: 100%

chili cheese fries: 100%

style: 90%

This was the best Burger I've ever had. Amen.


It’s all about good preparation and this time Helge did his best research on the classic American cheeseburger joint front – even though we’ve been to Canada. I don’t know where he found that place, but this was definitely the best burger I have ever eaten. And it was worth every mile we walked for it and it is kind of far out the centre of Toronto – he could have told be though, that there was another branch close to our hotel on Queen Street West.

But anyhow, the on we walked to – way out on Queen Street EAST – made us do a nice sightseeing tour through the outskirts of Toronto, which was very nice. As we finally arrived we ordered our burgers and of cause some chili cheese fries for the hips. After recognizing the lack of paying by plastic and the in house cash machine not liking our cars at all, we’ve been glad that the store next door had some money out of the wall for us…

This cool burger joint is quite small no seating inside – just some standing spot in there – it is what they say: a burger place. So no fancy stuff like salad or what ever, just burgers and fries. I love(ed) it. So I think I said it all: great place, perfect burger and damn good chili cheese fries. Go there if you have a chance!

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